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Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Review Best acting in this movie with Emmi Jackson New Looks

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Review it’s a new Movie on ott Platform with super actress Emmi Jackson so, let’s see the whole matter.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Review :-

So friends, there is no special content coming these days, so I was sitting idle and I came to know that today a South movie Mission Chapter One has come on Amazon Prime and it has also come in Hindi, so I thought, let’s watch it. Let’s pass the time by watching and share with you whether you should give your time to this movie or not. If you also want to know, then stay inside the post. If you like the post, then share it and yes, hit the bell notification of the website. Don’t forget to do so because we have to spend our precious time to save your precious time.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Story :-

Well friends, in Mission Chapter One, you get to see the story of Guna Shekaran who loves his daughter very much and his daughter is about to undergo an operation for which he needs ₹30 lakh and the operation will take place inside London. They reach London and after that, to know what happens to them in London, you will have to watch this picture which is available on Amazon Prime and its length is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Experience :-

Now friends, if I want to review Mission Chapter One for you in one line, I would be say it is normal, I am pretty average, I mean brother, I was hoping that Arun Vijay is in this movie, so the movie will present something extraordinary, it will shock us somewhere but the shock value. This picture is absolutely normal, I mean, the story is routine, it is tried and tested, there are many formulas which we have seen in many movies before, so it means that nothing new has been presented and the type in which Somewhere that thing has been presented is also average which is the relationship between the daughter and the father, I liked its emotional angle, there are some scenes which will hit you emotionally and that was working in the favor of the movie somewhere, apart from this there is some action. There are scenes in which you get to see thrill, tension and intensity, like the first fight inside the jail, that fight is very good and interesting, apart from this, the climatic fight which is the pre-climax fight, I liked it somewhere. There was tension build-up and apart from this, the picture starts and ends. You know what will happen, how it will happen. I mean, he is a hero, he is very calm and normal, but when he comes into power, he destroys everything. This means that it also has a strong background, there is a flashback, you get to see all those things here.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime  review

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime Cast :-

Apart from this, there is also a terrorist angle which you will get to see in the first 10 minutes of the start, so the villain who should be there should be a very powerful one but here the negative character who is the villain’s character who you get to see, is acting normally. I mean leave it acting, the way the actor has been presented in this movie, I don’t think he is a terrorist, he looks like a fool, that is, he is revealing his identity in front of the camera, he is revealing it himself, if all this doesn’t happen, then a little. Efforts should have been made to give a good result, which was not done here at all. Apart from this, friends, technically the picture is absolutely normal, I mean brother, the BGM is not that good, what can I say, often we praise the BGM of South, brother. Sir, was there BGM, was there power, but no, the BGM here was not much good.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime :-

Apart from this, friends, if I talk about acting, Arun Vijay has done a very good job, he has tried somewhere to handle the picture, but brother, the rest of the things are so average that don’t ask, one of his friends was Param, who is a typical stereo type Punjabi. You get to see her in the role of new character. meaning you are going to get a complete stereo type vibe. Emmi Jackson is in the picture and that one scene is also going to be seen by you. Hardly I would say all in all. If you are sitting very empty and are a fan of Vijay, then it is a good one. You can try watching action scenes, otherwise it is better to avoid it.

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime cast

Mission Chapter 1 Movie Amazon Prime IMDb Rating :-

Friends, if we talk about the rating of this movie, it has been given 6 out of 10 on IMDb. If I talk about the guidelines, then there is no nude scene in the movie, there is no adult scene, you do not get to see it. Hindi Dabangg movie is good, so friends. This was my review of the movie Mission Chapter One on Amazon Prime. And friends, if you have seen this movie, then do tell us by commenting how you liked this movie. Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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