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Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Review Best Series In Which The Real Incident Is Shown Which Audience Become Emotional After Seeing

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Review it’s a new web series in which based on real story so, let’s know what is inside in this series.

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Review :-

So friends, after a very long time, finally a new show has come on Jio Cinema, whose name is Ranneeti which has best story and much more things, so friends, today we are going to talk about this show, so you should watch this show or not carried out so, in this post we will dicuss the full story of this season which arrived on jio Cinema if you are new then please do not forget to share this post and turn on the bell notification of the website, and we bring such amazing content for you in future also.

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Story :-

Well friends, the show Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema is based on a real incident in which you get to see the story that Brother Indian Army was attacked, he was killed, after which how was revenge taken from him within the Balakot, the same story is told to you in this show. It has nine episodes to watch, the length of which varies from 35 minutes to 45, 48 minutes. Now friends, if I want to review the show strategy for you in one line, then I would just say that watch this kitsch decent one time watch show. Don’t know how many times the story has been presented. This story was in the movie I Mean brother Fighter. You got to see this story in Operation Valentine. Apart from this, recently you got to see the same story in the Amazon Mini TV show Rakshak Chapter Two. Now friends. You have seen the same story in all these content but the difference between this show and the other content is that here you got to see good depth in the fighter, you see somewhere in the fighter the focus was on Hrithik and him. They say that the focus on the incident was less but here things are not like that, here you get to see a good depth in the events in the incident, which somehow makes this show different from other content. Yes, this show is completely It is not a perfect show, there are shortcomings in it also, you get to see the flaws but yes compare to previous content, somewhere in this show, I liked the depth, first of all friends, you don’t get to see any meaningless comedy in the show. It is found that the show follows its own path from the beginning itself, it is not that there is a love story going on in between or you are making someone dance in the sales or there are meaningless things or meaningless fuss. All these things that you get to see in comedy were somewhere on the sidelines and an attempt has been made here to keep the issue cut to the point, which I liked seeing.

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Cast :-

The development of the characters is good, you feel their journey, especially that of Jimmy Shagal, what is he coming from, what happened to him in the mean time, what type of situation is he trying to handle completely, all these things. You get to see that his basic character was quite grounded, who does not believe in film making at all. Even there is a scene where he says that when bullets are fired inside the battlefield, nothing is heard, logically. So that means there are many such things which make the show of this character very grounded and very close to reality and I liked this thing. Friends, if I talk about the acting of the actors, then friends, first of all the casting has been done here in a very amazing way. The actor chosen for each character was absolutely pitch perfect. First of all Jimmy Shagal is outstanding. I mean brother, he leaves no stone unturned in capturing the character and playing it and he did the same thing here too. Apart from this, you also get to see Ashutosh Rana inside the show, he did a very good job, you get to see Lara Dutta here, she was also quite right in her character, you get to see Ashish Vidyarthi, his acting is also good. Apart from this, friends, you get to see Satyajit Dubey in the show, he was also very impressive, apart from this, BC Aunty was also here, her work was decent.

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema review

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Experience :-

Friends, if I talk about the production value of the show, you will get to see it of a decent kind, you cannot expect anything extraordinary because since it is a web series, its budget is much less than a movie, due to this you will get to see many scenes which are like fighter planes. There is a scene, the VFX is also seen normal and if the timing of this show was right then this show would have come before the fighter movie. The director of this show is Santosh Singh and somewhere he has covered this topic very well. It has been handled in a very mature way, it has been presented in a very mature way, you don’t get to see any unnecessary out tracks, somewhere Ranneeti to the point, somewhere he has expressed his point, which is something that I felt good to see, although friends, the show It makes strides in the second half and there are many things somewhere which should have been shortened and trimmed, I felt that they were dragged on without any reason, apart from this, looking at the type with which the base of season two has been prepared, it seems that It is said that the story that will happen in season two will be completely fictionalized because brother, the main story has ended here, now after this, which word are they going to show, that I guess is going to be completely fictionalized but brother, some songs. It was quite good, like brother, there is an emotional track in the second episode, that track, you will listen to it, your eyes will become moist that is literally I say I personally liked that song.

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema cast

Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema Rating :-

All and all friends, you do not get to see anything different or extraordinary in the show Ranneeti, but whatever is seen has been presented in a very honest way in which the emotions of patriotism have been evoked in a very good manner. It is without chilli and spices, that’s why friends, I will give the show 7 out of 10 rating. If I talk about the Parents guidelines, there is no abuse in the show, there is no adult scene, you do not get to see any vulgarity, so this show is a clean family show. So friends, this was just my review on Ranneeti Series Jio Cinema. Friends, if you have seen this series, then you can share your experience with us by commenting and if you liked this post, then you can also share this post. And yes, don’t forget to turn on push notification bell on of this website because we bring such amazing content for you only. Thank You Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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