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Adrishyam Show Review A New Best Suspense thriller Series Has Arrived With Unique Experience

Adrishyam Show Review it’s a new show which is available on Sony LIV With Different Story So, let’s know what is unique in the show.

Adrishyam Show Review :-

It seems that Sony LIV people are doing some new experiment because first they brought Rai Singhani vs Ra Singhani and now their second web serial has come which is named Adrishyam, it has two episodes and what is my reaction on these, let’s talk about today’s topic. Before we find out in the blog, we request you to please read the post till the end.

Adrishyam Show Story :-

Now in the tenth season, friends, you get to see the story of the Indian Intelligence Agency which works to stop the test activities. Now brother, they realize that something big is going to happen, so will they be able to stop it or not? You will get to see in this show, which has just released two episodes whose length is 45, 46 minutes. Now friends, if I want to review the show Adrishyam for you in one line, then I will only do this, Everest is a show, I mean brother, I don’t know how many times before this. Such movies and shows have come in which it seems that something blast is missing, there is going to be a huge explosion, some lead will be found, then they will come forward, there will be an inquiry, then they will catch them, kill them, stop the attack from happening, this story is not known. How many times the makers have you seen that now brother, nothing seems good, I mean, how many times will you show me a story, friend, how many times have you twisted the same thing by rotating the same thing, you have worn out a lamp so many times that now it doesn’t make sense. So it won’t come out for sure

Adrishyam Show Experience :-

Well, some things are good like brother, the characters you get to see here are quite grounded. See, many times such characters are there in movies and shows, they are extraordinary, super heroes are of such a kind that there is no mistake in them brother. There is no mistake and that brother catches the terrorist, although this thing was not there here, here there are completely grounded characters who have their own families, there are problems within the family too. In the mean time, they are also doing their work secretly. And he is not getting anything right away, he is working hard for the lead, so I liked the fact that things were completely grounded, nothing has happened right away till now, anything happens right away, neither is that. If the thing is not amazing to me personally, then the athletic work has been done here, the characters have been kept very grounded, so I liked this thing very much, apart from this, friends, the music of Shok is ok ok, the production value is also fine, yes the action is good.

Adrishyam Review

Adrishyam Show Cast :-

The work of Eijaz Khan and Divyanka Tripathi is good, you get to see both of them in the lead, their acting is decent, although at some places their expressions were also looking up and down, which means they were feeling that they are behaving in a very strange manner, but Friends, apart from this, the work of the rest of the supporting cast is average, there is nothing special which makes you say wow, till now friends, there is no such moment in the show which makes us say wow, this is a shock, this is a surprise, Might is also there. It may happen in the future but for now you will not get to see any such moment here, apart from this, a secular angle has been inserted without any reason, there was no need for it and friends, one thing and there are many twists and turns in this show. There could have been things that would shock you, but, they have been opened very quickly, that is, twist low opened, we are keeping them on hold so that you get a surprise in the last episode, so that thing has been opened here now. And All In All in this series Till now I have found it to be a very average kind of show which had nothing new in it. Now let’s see whether I will get a hobby in future or not.

Adrishyam Show cast

Adrishyam Show Next Episode Is Live On :-

Well friends, you will get to watch this show on Sony LIV every Thursday and Friday at 8 pm. Talking about the sexual guidelines, there is no nude here till now but at two places you get to hear some abuses, so friends, that’s it. This is my review on Sony Live’s new web serial Adrishyam. I hope you have liked this post. If you liked this post, then please share it. Friends, are you excited for this show, if so, then how much? Please comment. So friends, that’s all in this post for now, see you again with another blog, till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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