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Anthracite Review: A Best Chilling Drama Series That Came On Netflix

Anthracite Review is a drama series with unique story with best characters so, let’s know what is the whole matters.

Anthracite Series Review :-

Friends, recently a show was released on Netflix named Anthracite which is a French mystery survival show and if you like watching suspense thriller movie or series then you can watch this show and you like to watch AC series. This means a series whose hook is very strong and you get excited to know what is going on in its world and I would definitely request you that the story of this series may be of use to you, hence the side cover. To do this, don’t run away from the story, see the entire post.

Anthracite Total Episodes :-

So look, if we talk about the basic details, to watch this season you have to watch only six episodes and its story ends in six episodes. Means Bhai, its season two will not come because it is a limited series of Netflix and you will get this series in Hindi dubbed also. You will get it but if you like to watch drama movies or such movies or series with family then you cannot watch it with your family because it has some nudity and some scenes in it, the second thing is one scene brother I think In episode five, there is no delivery scene, when a mother gives birth to a child, it has been shown clearly. Those things that get to be seen will give you thrill but will make you feel uncomfortable if you watch it with the family.

Anthracite Series Netflix Story :-

Rest brother, before coming to what is good and what is bad, if I give you a little idea of the story, see brother, the story is set in a town where the hero has to find his mother’s murderer. And on the other hand, the lead actress is searching for her father, which means someone has kidnapped her father and at the same time, brothers are getting murdered one by one in that town and all those murders are having a connection. From the cult group which used to exist in 1994, then who is the brother who has returned from 1994 and is killing people, why is he killing and how are both the leads trapped and all who want to see you team up? To know all that Mrs. Rater will get, you must watch this show.

Anthracite Review

Anthracite Netflix Series Cast :-

Now if I comment on the show, I would just say that brother, there are many shortcomings in it but after overcoming those shortcomings, if you watch this show, if you are a mystery thriller lover, you like watching chilling mysteries and definitely this. The show will become an enjoyable experience for you and if I give you their reasons then the first thing is that brother, where was this show shot, you will get to see the locations, brother, it is really very beautiful, you will get to see the scenes of snow valleys etc. You will get completely lost in this series after watching it. The second part of the show is that the story of the show gets into trouble in two timelines – 1994 and 2024, due to which the things that happen there keep curdling your mind and you remain engaged with the story. Brother, in the third thing series, you will get to see a lot of thrilling movements and shocking moments, like a sudden bomb went off or someone caught fire, then the scenes you get to see will hold your interest somewhere. Let’s keep up with its story.

Anthracite Netflix

Anthracite Netflix Experience :-

You also get to see twist turns in the story of Next Cheese which will surprise a normal audience in a very good way. The performance, production quality etc. of the rest of the actors are also quite good. Now if we talk about problems, then do not count too many problems. So that your fun is not spoiled, but still, let me tell you one or two, the first thing is that the story of the series does not present anything new to you. If you have watched a lot of murder mysteries, then there are some beats which you will like. If you give a familiar type of wipe, then there is nothing new in the plot. Secondly, the characters etc. that are seen do not have much life in them. There is no depth, due to which when something bad happens to them, then the hour does not matter to you. Third thing is the family. The writing of the Khichdi which has been cooked is not that sharp, hence, you will get confused about some things in the end, so brother, you will face some problems like this, but after avoiding these, I will tell you that if you like chilling mystery thrillers. You like watching it even if there is not much newness in the story and the characters are not strong but you like watching mystery thrillers. If you are crazy about mystery thrillers then definitely you can try this show. It is neither very great nor Too bad, it will pass a good amount of your time. If you watch it, you will enjoy it.

Anthracite Netflix Series Rating :-

Rest brother, the mystery of this had kept me engaged, I was excited to know that the mind that is being seen has a devil in it, I mean, who is the one who is killing people, so I wanted to know this somewhere. Somewhere I was curious, that’s why I watched all its episodes and somewhere I enjoyed them and somewhere in my mind, this is a one time watch mystery thriller, so I will judge its scenes overall and rote 7.3 out of 10 stars If you have watched, how did you like the show, tell me in the comment box and friends, if you have not yet joined our WhatsApp channel Telegram channel then go and join quickly. Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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