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Article 370 Movie Review: Yami Gautam Plays As Best And She Is Giving A Message To Us

Article 370 movie is a new released Movie in this year of 2024 which is totally based on the real incident of the Indian Constitution and Yami Gautam is giving a Message to us with this movie let’s start.

Article 370 Movie Review :-

If the Prime Minister is promoting a movie, there must be something noteworthy about it. “A film on Article 370 is coming, and I believe it’s going to be a big hit nationwide.” Frankly, I never expected a movie to be made on Article 370, and seeing Amit Shah’s poor imitation in it was shocking. What’s even more surprising is that the movie costs at least 50 to 100 crores to produce, but it was made on a budget of only 20 to 30 crores. There’s no big superstar in it, and from this movie, it’s clear that Bollywood has realized the potential of low-budget films on such topics, focusing as much as possible on content.

Article 370 Movie Story :-

Story: This movie allocates about 30% to action and the rest to drama. While the trailer suggested intense action scenes throughout, the reality is different. Action scenes are mostly concentrated towards the end, with the movie mainly focusing on the aftermath of the Article 370 decision and the legal aspects surrounding it. For those interested in legal matters, the documentation amendment scenes might be intriguing.

Article 370 Movie Character :-

Characters: The main lead character of this movie Yami Gautam’s performance stands out, portraying a character that carries the weight of the entire movie without any overacting. However, the attempt to mimic Amit Shah’s mannerisms falls flat, seeming forced at times.

Article 370 Movie Scenes :-

Scenes: The absence of songs in this movie is commendable, but the lack of an epic background score at crucial moments leaves a void. Some scenes, which could have been elevated with better background music, rely on horror-like cues, which feel out of place.

Article 370 Movie Main Theam :-

Main Theam: The journey from contemplating the removal of Article 370 to its implementation in Parliament is well-depicted, with some scenes serving as heroic moments for Modi and Amit Shah. The movie’s conclusion doesn’t feel outdated, and the relatability to recent events adds to its impact. While criticism of BJP or any other party is expected, portraying individuals or parties in a derogatory light feels more like propaganda than genuine critique.

Article 370 Movie Openion :-

Opinion: This Movie” is a decent movie, sticking to its core without unnecessary additions. I would rate it 7.5 out of 10. Looking forward to seeing you in the next blog. And please tell me your opinion in the comments section Until then, Jai Hind!

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