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Crooks Review Best Intense Action Drama Which Became Popular On OTT Platform As Soon As It Came And Won The Hearts Of Audience

Crooks is a drama thriller series in which we get to see a unique story with the best action and what is inside it, let us know the whole matter.

Crooks Netflix Drama Series Review :-

Get ready for a tremendous height thrilling adventure because today a German hype drama has been released on the Netflix platform named Crooks. And friends, what is there inside this series, to know it completely, you will have to watch this blog completely, so friends. Talking about the basic details, to watch this season, you have to watch a total of eight episodes, their length will be around 45 to 55 minutes and 1 hour. The next important change is that the story was not completely finished in season one. Its season 2 has also come, the rest brother, this show is available in Hindi dubbed and the voice casting done in Hindi dubbing is a perfect match, that means Hindi dubbing which is very amazing. Next important thing is that brother, the show should be liked by its family. Do not watch it because in this you will get to see nudity and many clean scenes and even you will hear a lot of abusive language.

Crooks Series Story :-

Rest of this brothers, before telling you what you get to see in the show, I want to set one thing in your mind so that when you go to watch this thing, some things should be clear for you. The first thing is that the story of the show. It doesn’t present you much new and fresh, there are two gangs, you get to see the class between them and this is a theme which you have seen many times. Next important is that the main focus of the series is on the revenge drama in which the story is about brothers. You get to see that in the characters of Charlie and Joseph, both of them are different persons who come from different backgrounds, our Charlie breaks the safe etc. and he has a family, that is, a wife and a son and brother, he is a part of his family. On the other hand, the character of Joseph belongs to a mafia background and in the midst of this you are given the background of a coin, that is, a coin which is after the mafia gangs. Hue and Joseph’s family also wants to get that coin, after which guys leaves his city and comes to another city and then guys goes on a heist with Chali. Things go wrong, I mean, an important person dies due to which he goes after Charlie and Joseph, so will you both be able to survive and Charlie’s family is in big trouble. Will Charlie be able to save his family? What is the background of Joseph’s family? You will have to watch this show to know all the twists and turns etc.

Crooks Netflix 2024 :-

And brother, now after listening to the story you must have got the idea that what you will actually get to see in this show is a normal guy who will get trapped between two gangs and he will try to save his family and to save them he will If one can go to any extent, then this kind of theme brother, we have experienced many times, nothing new in that theme, but till now if you have watched the blog, then let me tell you that it does not mean that That this series is bad. Yes brother, in this case, if you want to watch this series, then even though its concept will not present you much new, but the way its familiar story has been presented in this series, it is quite interesting to watch. It is thrilling, very intense, you get to see a lot of twists, you get to see a lot of crime drama, you will enjoy 100% by watching it.

Crooks Cast :-

From the very first episode, the way the character has been set in Trust, you will become so familiar with him that when something bad starts happening to him from the second episode, you would not want anything personally bad to happen to the character. The drama, their development, their chemistry, their emotions, it works completely for you. Brother, in the show you get to see action etc. and there are a lot of them, especially the gun fight, you get to see a lot of them. You will get to see cling scenes etc. in a very fast-paced manner, after watching which you will get a feeling of intensity in every episode. This series will not bore you and after getting bored, one more thing is remembered that the pacing of the series. It is not slow, it is fast paced, meaning events keep happening very quickly. One more thing is that brother, you get to see adult scenes in every episode, small glimpses of type, so that too in case if you like that kind of thing. If you like watching things then they also keep your interest and keeping in mind the audience of today, the director has put all that, you are understanding right.

The Experience Of Netflix New Series Crooks :-

Friends, the production value of the series is quite good. The performance of the actors is also praiseworthy. I mean, according to the character of Charlie, watch the performance of the guy who played him, according to him, to save your family. You get a lot of fun watching the things shown to him and similarly, along with Joseph, you get to see the villain characters too, brother, the way he has given a performance is also a very good negative point. If you start like I told you, brother, the story of Siege will not present anything new to you, second thing brother, this story has been stretched too much due to which you feel a little siege in between, its length, overall, I All I can tell you is that if you want to watch a crime drama with a familiar story, in which you will get to see intense movements as well as thrilling movements, exciting movements etc. in a tremendous way, you will get to see things like gun fights, mafia, drugs etc. If you get to see girls then definitely you should not have much expectation but you can try this series once.

Crooks Rating :-

Talking about it, personally, I liked the upcoming season of this show, the ending was a bit underwhelming for me, yes, but things could have been better, but still somehow I enjoyed this season, so I judge it overall. I will do it. 7.5 out of 10 stars. If you have watched, how did you like this show? Do comment in the comment box. If you liked my blog, share it and friends, if you have not yet joined our WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel, then join quickly. thank you Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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