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Devils (2023) Korean Movie Review As Soon As This Movie Came Out, The Indian Audience Gave It A Lot Of Love Due To Its Best Acting And Story

Devils Korean movie which Indian audience liked and supported, so what is the whole matter, let’s know.

Devils Korean Movie Review :-

Look brother, yesterday a movie was released on Prime Video named Devils, finally I have finished watching this picture and brother, in today’s blog we are going to talk about this, so in case if you are interested in this picture. Are you interested and its posters seem very dangerous to you and want to know what you will get to see in it, will it be right to give time or not? I just have a small request from you, please do watch today’s blog till the end and yes if If you like this post, please share it. So let’s start.

Devils Movie Story :-

Look brother, if we talk about this picture, then you do not have to work very hard to watch it, just give one and a half hour of time, it will be available on Prime Video and its dubbing is fine, but the important thing is that in this case, If you like to watch movies or web series with family, then do not watch this with your family because in this you will get to see a small brief nudity scene and in full you will get to see brutality and bloody mule scenes. If you can adjust that small scene, then you will not get to see much dirty, only this killing scene, you will get to see very brutal, anyway you will adjust that but let’s talk about what actually you get to see in this feature. Is Look brother, this story follows a serial killer who is killing people one after the other in a dangerous manner and in this killing game, brother, he also has a small team, that is, there are three-four more members who That they are killing people in the same way as our main killer is killing. And brother, when the number of killings increases too much, detectives have to come and one day our main hero tries to catch his killer. But some such scandal happens due to which when he comes back after a month, the brother who was a killer has now become a detective and the one who was a detective has now become a killer, meaning body show, how does this scandal happen brother? To know all this, you will have to see this picture.

Devils Korean Movie Experience :-

After listening to the story, now you must have got the idea that brother, the picture which is concept wise, story wise will not present you anything new fresh. Yes brother, the picture which is story wise, it will not present you anything new but there is one thing which is quite solid. What works in its story is the brutality of the picture and in this case brother, if you enjoy watching brutal scenes, killing scenes etc. then definitely I will tell you that you should watch this picture once without expecting too much from the story and characters. You can see that even though the story of the movie is average, in the ending of this story i.e. in the climax, you get to see proper twist turns etc. which will surprise a normal audience in a good way, if not a little. If you don’t look carefully at the last things, then your mind will also get curdled in the last, meaning you will get confused as to what was going on, brother.

What Inside Devils Korean Movie :-

And the other things, the movie completely works in the name of movie, which means you are curious to know what actually happened between the killer and the detective who body-swiped, so this mystery will tell you somewhere in the story. Will keep you engaged decently and in the flow of the same, you will be enjoying a little bit or the other by watching the investigation, the killing scene or the things that the detectives keep doing.

Devils Movie Cast :-

The performance of the actors is very solid in this movie, especially the villain who gets to see you, you will enjoy watching the performance given by him, the rest of the character development etc. is all at the surface level, even budget wise the picture does not seem very rich. In this you will get to see the use of a lot of neon lights which looks good in some places. So without making the overall post long, if I give you a conclusion then I would just say that if you are interested in body swap with a decent story. If you want to watch a crime drama picture made in the concept of a film whose climax will blow your mind then definitely you can try this picture once for its brutality and its clinging scenes.

Devils Korean Movie Rating :-

There is nothing French in it, but as per the brutal things that will be seen in it, you will definitely enjoy watching it, if you are a fan of those things, the rest is about me, somewhere I was a little decently engaged with its mystery. I was more excited to know what was the mystery behind the incident that actually happened. When it opened, it was not that much shocking but still it was okay. The issue of predictability is something that I personally felt very much, hence this picture. I will give it an overall judge of 6.5 out of 10 stars. If you have seen it, tell me how you liked the movie in the comment box. If you liked the post, then share it and friends. If you have not yet joined our WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel. Go and join soon, thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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