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Gaami Movie Review Friends, One Of The Best Comedy & Suspense Movies, This Movie Is Now Available On ZEE5

Gaami Movie Review Another new movie which is now available on ZEE5, so what is the whole matter, let us know.

Gaami Movie Review :-

Tamil Telugu Canada Malayalam Friends, the pictures of these four industries have different quality. Basically, from the Telugu industry, you have been getting to see mass oriented movies, but friends, a movie has come from this industry, Gaami, which is a kind of experimental movie. Now friends, how high is the class of this movie, let us find out in today’s blog.

Gaami Movie Story :-

Friends, in the movie Gaami, you get to see the story of a person who has a problem with human touch, that is, if someone touches him, he will become unconscious and then he gets a dream in which many people ask him for help. Friends, to solve this problem, he goes to the peak of the Himalayas, why is he going there, what is the treatment there, what is there in the mean time, friends, there are two more short stories in which one story is of a person and a child. Beyond which some strange experiments are taking place. The second story is of a girl whose mother is a Devdasi. Now friends, what is the link between these three stories, what is the connection, what are the things that you get to see, to know that you will have to watch this movie. It has just arrived on ZEE5 and its length is 2 hours 19 minutes.

Gaami Movie Experience :-

Now friends, if I want to review Gaami for you in one line, I would just say that simply brilliant literally brother, I have watched this movie last night and till now I am thinking about this picture because this picture has inspired me deeply. Amazing story, first of all, this movie has an incredible story, I mean, the more things I say about the story, it will probably spoil your fun, so I request you to watch this movie yourself, enjoy and tell me. How did you like the story, it is very, very amazing and the climax that you will get to see, especially the last half hour, friends, was simply outstanding. You will enjoy watching the things that you get to see in the last half hour. It will come for sure and its twist, the suspense, you guess it, it is impossible for it to happen, I mean, I had thought that maybe this would be a twist, but the twist that turned out to be, was a million times more dangerous than my twist, that is, the twist Really, it shocked me so much that I have still not been able to recover from it. It was an amazing thing to see, friends. Apart from this, friends, visually this movie is brilliant.

Gaami Movie Review

Gaami Movie Budget :-

This movie has been prepared within a budget of only Rs 22 crores and you can see its visuals, see the cinema graphics, see the peaks of the Himalayas, see the locations there, see the snow falling, every scene, every frame has been shot in such an amazing way. It is not just the hard work that is visible, these brother makers have given five to six years to this movie, so why did they give it? It is visible in every scene, every frame, their hard work, their efforts will be clearly visible to you, now these amazing visuals have got a lot of support for this. Brilliant BGM means BGM has done the work of enhancing every scene completely here, seeing which you will say brother, what a thing and what an amazing thing we are seeing on the screen. Friends, if I talk about the screen play. It is not linear but you will see all the three stories going on as simul tennis, so you will feel it completely in all the three stories, you will feel that brother, I want to know what will happen next, then that excitement keeps you completely engaged.

Gaami Movie Cast :-

Friends, Vishwak Sen leads the movie in this picture and what an amazing job she has done, that is, you will get to see her effort in every scene, every frame, it seems as if she has lived this character completely, that is, she has completely penetrated inside. He went inside this character and what he has played, I mean, I cannot praise him enough, he has worked very amazingly. Apart from this, there is another actor whose acting is very good and that is Mohammad Samad, friends, he is the same actor. Which you got to see in Tumbbad, the helplessness, the pain you get to see in the eyes of Mohammed Samaj, you stopped me, I tell you the truth, you will make me cry, you will say, friend, what is going on, what is really going on, apart from this The acting of the girl who is played is also very good. Friends, the characters have been designed here in such a way that you feel emotionally for them and it brings tears to your eyes. So really amazing work has been done here.

Gaami Movie cast

Gaami Movie OTT Release Date :-

Friends, there is a message in the main route of this movie that Never Give Up and Believe in Yourself. If you watch this movie carefully, you will understand that this is what this movie is trying to say. I liked seeing it. If friends, you are a mass audience. If you want entertainment then Might Be, this movie will not work for you because in some portions this movie is slow at some places, apart from this, friends, its visuals are very good, it is nice, it is breeze taking, it has done amazing work but one or two scenes. You will find that things are weak in it, like there is a train scene, that scene was weak, apart from this, the lion scene was a little weak there, friends, this movie has been released on ZEE5 and this movie has been released in Tamil Telugu Kannada but I wish it was not released in Hindi, I wish it would have been released in Hindi so that people would know how incredible this movie is. All in all, according to me, this kind of movie is one two cinema.

Gaami Movie Rating :-

Friends, if we talk about the rating of this movie, then Gaami has given it 7.0 out of 10 on IMDB. It’s a brilliant picture. If I talk about the panel guidelines, you get to hear gasps at two places. There is a nude scene which you get to see in the empty picture. Apart from this, there is nothing else inside the movie, so friends, just this is the Review on Movie Gaami, I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, then please share it. Friends, have you seen this movie? If you have seen it then How did you like it, please share it in the comments, friends, that’s all for now in this post, we will meet again with another blog, till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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