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Inspector Rishi Series Review || Best Suspense, Superb Horror Series With Unique content

Inspector Rishi Series is a new horror series in which we get to know that what happened to an inspector, and the village what is the whole matter let’s know.

Inspector Rishi Series Review :-

Inspector Rishi Name of a Series from Tamil Super Natural Horror Mitya Thriller is a show released yesterday on Prime Video platform when I saw its poster and trailer so personally I was very excited to watch this series and trust me when you If you watch its trailer, you can see some such movements in it which will definitely force you to watch this series. But now that I have seen it, how do I actually like its story and do you like it? Should you spend your precious time on this thing or not? In today’s video, I will share all the details related to this series with you immediately, so I request you that if you are curious about this series, you want to know how its product is. If so then I would definitely request you to please watch today’s blog till the end.

Inspector Rishi Series 2 :-

So look, if we talk about the basic details, to watch its season, you have to watch total 10 episodes. The story has been dealt with almost completely in season one itself, but in this case, if it becomes a hit, then it is possible that You can also watch its season two. If you want the second series, you can watch it with your family also. You will get to see some violent and a little scary jump type scenes which can definitely scare a normal small child, so do it with children. Don’t watch Hindi dubbing Inspector Rishi. If I talk about it, then see the Hindi dubbing of the lead actors is good, but the supporting cast you get to see in this series Trust, like you will get to see an old grandmother or a shopkeeper who lives in a shop. There is a man sitting there, brother, the dubbing of all of them is so pathetic that what can I tell you, I could not believe that brother, this is the dubbing of Prime Video, so personally, for this season, I found it to be very average in Hindi.And I think you can mannage it.

Inspector Rishi Series Story :-

If I talk about the story of this Inspector Rishi Series, then look brother, you will see the story like this,there is a forest, murders are happening one by one in that forest and the murder is a spirit or you can say it is a ghost which is in that area. She is known by the name of Van Rakshi. Means are connected to her. The villagers are watching her again and again and the police are telling people that Vanra is the one doing the murders. So who is she actually and who is the Inspector? We get to see the character of Rishi who is going to investigate this case, what is his mystery history and also in episode one, brother, you get to see such a thing i.e. people of a village jump into a fire pit, then his To know what is the connection with the murder, you will have to watch this thing.

Inspector Rishi Series Cast :-

The characters that we get to see are interesting but Throat does not keep you engaged with the series. The horror that is part of the series works at some places but the way Vanara has been treated, it reminds you of many Hollywood movies. She will be reminded of the movies and web sass due to the look she has been given or the way she comes with her cuts, she doesn’t look scary brother, if you laugh after watching her, then overall the cast of this series is fine and they have done their best.

Inspector Rishi Series Rating :-

If we talk about the rating of Inspector Rishi Series, then it has got 6.8 out of 10 on IMDB which is fine and if you have seen this movie then please tell us by commenting and you have not yet joined our whatsapp channel and telegram channel then join quickly thank you Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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