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Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh Seen Together In The Best Ads Of Sexual Health Brand Bold Care, The Internet Went Crazy

An ads of Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh went viral on social media, so what is the whole matter?

Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh New Advertisement :-

Another advertisement of Ranveer Singh and adult star Johnny Sins has been released this morning. This is an ads of a sexual health brand Bold Care in which Ranveer is seen talking about the sexual health of men in a very smart and natural way. The ad has already come out in which men’s sexual health was talked about in a spoof like TV serials. The new ads has also been released in a similar manner to the old era advertisements.

What Inside Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh Ads :-

First of all, let us tell you what is there in this ads. In olden times, such ads used to come on TV which wanted to sell their product to people by telling them about their problems. Often on TV, we would see some weight gain powder or weight loss tablet or Advertisements for any Ayurvedic powder are seen in this format. After 7:00 am or 10:00 pm, those tele service ads like Nazar Suraksha Kavach appear in this format. This new ads has been created by spoofing the same advertisements.

Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh Share The Ads Moto :-

In this ad, Ranveer Singh is seen sitting in a TV ads wearing coat and pants, who in all four gestures mentions the sexual problems faced by men. From this double meaning thing, it is understood that erectile dysfunction is being talked about here. In the ads, Johnny Sins is both an expert and a customer. In one scene, Johnny as a customer tells that his wife is not happy with his sexual performance due to which the relationship between him and his wife is not good. Then he says that bold care. After using the product, his life has changed and things have become fine again between him and his wife. MBA people are also made fun of in the ads. At the end of the ads, Ranveer turns expert and asks Joni whether If this product will work, Johnny says that it will definitely work. He has done some MBA. After this, Ranveer calls an expert on his show to discuss about it. Johnny has also played the role of this expert here too by talking with double meaning. And Johnny explains how to use the product in a very light manner.

What People Said About Johnny Sins and Ranveer Singh New Ads :-

The amazing thing about this ads is that nothing seems strange in it. Now people are giving amazing reactions on this video. One user wrote, it is a very good concept. An attempt has been made to show the ads of the time of 2000 very strategically. It is written that this is a very funny ad. Seeing this parody of telemarketing ads, I am getting AI vibes. One user praised the makers of the ad and said that concept awareness and execution have all been taken care of.

Johnny Sins With Ranveer Singh About The Men’s Problems :-

Most of the people are praising Ranveer Singh and saying that Ranveer has taken a very brave decision by doing this ad. Men’s sex related problems are always kept under wraps, hence Ranveer has done this in the right manner without any obscenity. Talking about the problems, the casting of Johnny Sons in this ad is the icing on the cake. Those who don’t know, let them know that Ranveer is also the cofounder of Bold Care. Before this, he has been associated with many condom brands, while Johnny is associated with this. Earlier, he had appeared in Bhuvan Bam’s show Titu Talks, that episode was also liked a lot. Before this, Johnny has a strong influence in the desi meme culture too. How did you like this information? Do tell us by commenting. Thank you Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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