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Lavaste Movie Review With A Best Story Which Won The Hearts Of The Audience

Lavaste Movie review Now there is good acting along with unique story, so what is the whole matter let’s know

Lavaste Movie Review :-

Friends, in the last few times you got to see many best pictures on zee5, it is a good thing that zee5 is supporting such movies by giving its platform, but at the very least, those movies should be marketed, now friends, today there is a movie. Because of which more than half of the audience might not even know that a movie with this name is going to be released, but friends, is this movie going to give time or not? Let us find out in today’s blog.

Lavaste Movie Story :-

Well friends, inside Lavaste you get to see the story of a boy whose brother is the burden of the entire family, he has two sisters, one is his father, a mother and a grandmother live there and the responsibility of all of them is on him only. Now he comes to Mumbai to work but does not get anything special, so he finds a new job in which he takes dead bodies, so now friends, to know what is the story ahead, you have to watch this picture. It will be read which has arrived on the platform of zee5. The length of the movie is 1 hour 50 minutes.

Lavaste Movie Experience :-

Now friends, if I want to review the movie Luste for you in one line, I would just say that the idea and its concept are quite good, yes the education could have been a little better but I personally liked the idea at the moment. In which type of children are they forgetting their parents? They simply leave them to die and once they leave the house, they do not return. In such a situation, what is the condition of the parents? In which type do they forget their parents? Life is passing alone in the mean time. Even after death, their children do not come and do not light their funeral pyre. All these things have been raised here. This issue is sensitive and worth considering but friends, shockingly till now this issue has not been addressed. But no picture has come, so yes, the idea is very good, it is very good, apart from this, the emotions of this picture are its main things, you get to see some such emotional scenes which of course make your eyes widen and make you think. Brother, where is the society going and what type of children are going, forgetting their own parents, then these things are very unfair.

Lavaste Movie Cast :-

In the supporting cast of the movie, you get to see Manoj Joshi and Bajendra Kala, the work of both of them is very good, although according to me, the role of Bajendra Kala should have been more, there is an emotional scene of Mano Doshi, that scene is very good for me. Personally, I liked the movie very much, friends, Omkar Kapoor is leading the film and his acting is a mix bag, that is, he is able to work very well in some emotional scenes, but there are some scenes where his acting was lacking, which is the role of a grandmother in this. Within the family, his acting is very, very over and apart from this, there are many other supporting actors whose work is very average. I mean, looking at them, I feel that brother, you are not able to do it, you are forcing yourself to play on the screen. It is linear kind of thing, it takes the stories of present and past, so that thing is good which holds your interest. If I talk about the music of the movie, it is a mixed bag. There is a song by Kailash, it is very good, very good. But apart from this, the other songs that you get to see were not that good since the budget of this movie is very low, which Bhai Saheb will make you realize that yes brother, the money was not there, if a picture was to be made then it was made. The budget is very low and that reflects.

Lavaste Movie Rating :-

And friends, if we talk about the rating of this movie, then this movie has 7.9 out of 10 IMDB rating and if we talk about the Pental Guidelines, then there is no vulgarity in the movie, there is no nude scene, there is a small abuse, it has been spoken backward and other than this, You don’t get to see vulgarity in this picture, so friends, this was my review on the movie Lavaste , I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, then please share the post so that I can get motivation. So that I can bring such posts for you in future also, friends, have you seen this movie? If you liked it, please share it in the comments. So friends, that’s all in this blog for now, we will meet again with another post, till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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