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Maidaan Movie Review, Ajay Devgan Once Again Broke The Box Office Record With His Best Acting

Maidaan Movie Review, Ajay Devgan made the audience fall in love after watching this movie. So what is the whole matter, let’s know.

Maidaan Movie Review :-

So friends, whenever any mass plus class actor is talked about in Indian cinema, the top name is that of Bollywood’s mass maharaja Ajay Devgn because friends, Ajay Devgan is the only actor who does mass action in his films. Yes, friends, today we are going to talk about Indian cinema’s massy plus classy actor Ajay Devgan film Maidaan, in which Ajay Devgan acting has once again made him famous. And friends, now his film Maidan is also going to settle in the hearts of the audience at the box office like Shaitaan. Yes friends, in today’s blog we are going to talk about the review of the film Maidaan. You will definitely watch the blog till the end. If you are also a fan of Ajay Degvn, then do tell us by commenting that which film of Ajay Degn do you like the most, then let’s start.

Maidaan Movie Story :-

So friends, first of all let me tell you that Maidaan is a biopic drama film which is a 3 hours 7 minutes long movie. Friends, this film has been made on the life of Syed Abdul Rahim in which you will get to see his struggle as well. Also, friends, the golden era of Indian football from 1952 to 1962 is also going to be seen. Yes friends, let us tell you that this is a biopic drama to be made under the direction of Amit Sharma, who has previously given excellent films like Badhaai Ho. The story of the film is: Friends, the film shows the golden era from 1952 to 1962, in which it shows you the struggle, passion and courage of Syed Abdul Rahim, how he collects players from all over the country and then we get to see the golden era of Indian football. But friends, we are going to see in this film how many ups and downs come in his life before this golden era. Friends, let us tell you that the first half of this 3 hours 7 minutes film is a bit slow but friends, Superstar. Ajay Devgan has made the first half engaging with his acting. In the film, you are going to get to see emotional drama and a little bit of sporty action, the second half of which is a fast page and the thrill of the last 30 minutes will give you goosebumps. And the cinematography and thrill that was seen here on the field in the last match is unlikely to have been seen in any Bollywood sports drama.

Syed Abdul Rahim ji Biopic maidaan Movie

Maidaan Movie Cast :-

Ajay Devgan has appeared as an age actor in the film and why was he called an actor? You all know that Ajay Devgan has completely lived the character of Syed Abdul Rahim. His acting is so tremendous that he can convey his words through his eyes even without dialogues. In the film, he has given a strong performance in the emotional drama and the last climax scene. This is one of the best films of his career and I can say with my assurance that Ajay Devgan has once again won the National Award. Priyamani is coming who has done a tremendous job as his backbone but Gajraj Rao as a journalist has once again shown his acting skills. After Ajay, Gajraj Rao has done the most powerful act in the film, rest of the players and cast have done it. also did good work in the film.

Maidaan Movie Experience :-

The story of the film succeeds in keeping you completely engaged and the full credit goes to its director Amit Sharma, who has written a powerful screen play of the film and in the final climax, the cinematography and background music of the film has been created. It is going to give you one of the best thrilling experience. Every match of the film has been perfectly shortened in which the cinematography is outstanding. AR Rahman’s music creates goosebumps in thrilling matches, while the story of the film will keep you engaged till the end. manages to keep.

Ajay Devgan Role As Syed Abdul Rahim Life :-

Overall, friends, it is a fabulous film from Ajay Devgan and his team. This is a tribute to friends Syed Abdul Rahim and the Indian football team who had sacrificed everything for their country and team. Friends, let us tell you that ever since the release of this film. I was eagerly waiting for this film ever since it was announced and friends, my wait did not go in vain because friends, this film is not only of this year but is one of the best film in the history of Indian cinema in which you will get to see Ajay Degan’s character. The performance will once again make you crazy about him.

Maidaan Movie based on

Maidaan Movie Rating :-

Friends, if this film is given some stars out of five, then friends, only Ajay Degan Sir is going to get one and a half stars because friends, his performance in the film is tremendous, whereas friends, one star is given for the story, screen play, cinematography and background music of this film. This means that friends, with a total of 4.5 stars, this film has not only registered its name in the list of one of the classic films of this year but also in the list of one of the classic films of Indian cinema. Friends, this film will also run for a long time at the box office. And friends, the way Ajay Devgan’s film Shaitan is running at the Indian box office, Maidaan friends, it will continue to earn money at the Indian box office for the coming two months. So friends, I found it amazing. If you have also seen this film, then Do tell us by commenting how you liked Ajay Devgan’s performance and this film. Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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