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Monkey Man Movie Review The Audience Got The Best Reaction After Watching This Movie And How Is Dev Patel’s Acting

Monkey Man Movie Review After seeing the acting of Dev Patel, people we’re amazed , so what is the whole story, let’s know.

Monkey Man Movie Review :-

Monkey Man, friends, is a movie released recently, now what is my reaction after watching this movie, let us find out in today’s blog, before that, I request you to please stay inside the post, if you like the post then share it. Don’t forget because we keep bringing such amazing content for you. Well friends, in Monkey Man you get to see the story of a character played by of course Dev Patel who is out for a revenge. Now whose revenge is it? To know who is trying to take revenge and what is the reason for revenge, you will have to watch this picture whose length is 1 hour 55 minutes.

Will The Audience Like The Monkey Man Movie :-

Now friends, if I want to review the movie Monkey Man in one line for you, then I would just say that it is overrated, I mean, after watching it, you get the feeling that you are going to watch an out and out action movie. There is action, but apart from that, the substance is here. You don’t get to see it. First of all the story does not present anything new or different. Well, there is nothing different in the story but if it was presented in a different way then I guess things would have looked good but no, the same tried and tested formula was adopted. In which an attempt has been made to show things in a different way.

What Do You Think Of Dev Patel As The Lead Role In Monkey Man Movie :-

First of all, friends, if I talk about positive, Dev Patel has done his work well, he has looked right as per this character, apart from this, the action scenes he has designed are good, there are some action scenes which are amazing. You get to see the brutality and in those action scenes you get to see the intensity is also very good and of a high level. Especially after 40 minutes of the movie, there is an action scene which is of around 10 to 12 minutes, that action scene is very good. It was nice to see the BGM that you get to hear in these action scenes. I really liked the BGM which was completely boosting the intensity.

Will The Audience Like The Monkey Man Movie :-

Now friends, apart from this, technically the movie is good, if the movie has been shot from some good camera angles, then you get to see that good thing, the cinematography is good, although there are shortcomings in it too. Now friends, if apart from these things, if you think that There will be out and out action in the movie, if there is action in every 5 minutes then no, 40 minutes after the boss start is extremely boring in which there was talking and only talking, nothing was happening, after 40 minutes you get to see an action scene. It is very good, after that there is talking and talking in the picture and then in the climax in 15-20 minutes you get to see a good action scene, so if you thought only by thinking of action that this movie will be very amazing then sorry. You don’t get to see that much of the boss action scenes. Apart from Dev Patel’s character, the other actors have no depth, no soul, everything is superficial, I mean, that guy is theft for Dev. Why is he helping Dev, in this picture no reason given, he is just doing why he is doing, there is no meaning in things.

Dev Patel’s ‘Monkey Man’ Movie India Release Date :-

If I leave aside some other things in the movie, I mean friends, first of all, the presentation of the story is quite poor. Apart from this, the way India has been represented in this movie is absolutely third class, I mean friends, if you like India. If you don’t know then first know the ground reality, check the ground reality and then make a picture, show anything using your mind, sorry brother, it doesn’t happen like this, what is the culture of India, it was completely ruined by typing it completely in the picture. India was shown in this movie, seeing which I personally was getting very angry. I mean, this is the India. We have been living for so many years, we have not seen India like this. Yes, there is poverty and hunger in India, but is it just that? Poverty and famine are within India only and not in any other country, then why are such pictures never taken about any other country and come on, you are showing one thing, that is also fine but the athlete is a picture from the other side. Show that too, my friend, by showing one side of the picture, you are painting everything in one color, according to me it does not make any sense, literally does not make any sense, the type of Indian culture in this movie. I am blown away, I can’t explain it to you, this is a very shameful thing, apart from that the religious angle that he has brought was meaningless, there was no need for that thing, he was trying to force his agenda here. Brother, look at this thing, this is bad in India, it is bad to this level, all the evil is within India only, then leave it brother, don’t make a picture about India, but even the money is from India. You have to earn money and you have to show bad things to India, that means you understand that India has been presented here in such a bad way that there is no country as starving as India, things have been presented in such a way that seeing it, I personally feel disgusted. I didn’t enjoy much.

What Is Your Review Of ‘Monkey Man’ Movie By Dev Patel :-

All n all, you can give this picture a chance for some action, decent BGM and Dev Patel’s acting. If you expected something extraordinary from this picture, then sorry boss, you will not get that thing, I will give this Monkey Man 5 out of 10 rating. Talking about the guidelines, this movie is not a family movie at all because you get to hear a lot of abuse, apart from this you also get to see a doggy style scene, apart from this you also get to see one or two kisses, so friends, just That’s my review on Monkey Man, I hope you liked this post and friends, have you seen this movie? If you have seen it, did you like it? Please share it in the comments. So friends, that’s all in this post for now. See you again in some other blog. Till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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