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Patna Shukla Movie Review || The Journey Of Common Woman & Her Uncommon Fight Best Acting Of Raveena Tandon…

Patna Shukla Movie is one of the Best movie of Raveena Tandon she fight for the justice for only a Girl so, what’s inside this film let’s know more.

Patna Shukla Movie Review :-

Now brother, the number of people who have gone to court in real life will definitely be much less than those who see court only in films. Jolly LLB is the identity of Bollywood. Brother, the classic suspense thriller holds till the last scene and then the guy who In this category, Bollywood has brought a third film which will take you to the court again, but the climax will break your mind into pieces. Patna Shukla. A new film has been released this week directly at your home. You don’t have to worry about going to the theater directly on HotStar, but whether you want to give it or not? The answer is totally yes sir, I have a very solid reason, after listening to which you will not be able to keep the film away from yourself, let me tell you.

Patna Shukla Movie Story :-

The story of Patna Shukla starts in the court of Bihar where a very interesting case has come up. This time a student has accused the entire college of cheating. The result has come, total failure is 30 marks out of 100 but the girl is sure that she is not less than 60. Maybe there is only one way left to clear the misunderstanding, get the copy opened, count the numbers, but the college clearly refused, on the contrary, taunted the girl for not working hard, repeat, get the numbers, pass in the new year, here is your entry. Shukla madam insists on getting the girl’s papers opened in front of the court, but who is standing in front of her, know who is the biggest lawyer of the city, who has not lost even a single case till date. So what is the college hiding that is yet to be revealed to the world? The answer has not come till now, you can’t even imagine, maybe after meeting the villain of the film, you will be scared of giving the exam in real life because the marks will be yours but the degree will be of someone else.

Patna Shukla Movie Real Story :-

In simple words, Patna Shukla is a very simple film, neither has a high-end budget nor are there many big name actors, plus we have seen this subject of education many times, a complete film like Hindi Medium has exposed all these things very well. It is already ready, then why am I insisting on watching Patna Shukla? The answer is that the film is a dangerous suspense courtroom drama that drags the mind till the last scene. This subject is the one which keeps the public engaged on the basis of the story here. There are no action scenes etc., just stupid things.

Patna Shukla Movie Cast :-

And Patna Shukla has a very different type of story which seems to be its own because it can happen to anyone, although from outside the film looks as straight as a road, just keep going, it is boring but inside. Actually this is a maze, you will get trapped, such an unexpected twist has been inserted in the climax of the film which literally you will not be able to predict even after adding 10 brains, the writers have turned out to be very clever, especially Raveena Tandon has been used in a very good way, her face. You will be confused again and again as to which side is the right side and the wrong side in the film. Remember Manod Sir in the ending of the film, when he speaks a dialogue related to Lord Shiva in the ending of the film, the whole film reaches a different level after that one scene. Similarly, in Patna Shukla, Raveena Tandon is seen only taking the story forward for 90% of the time, but in the last 10%, she throws the entire film aside.

Patna Shukla Movie IMDB Rating :-

Look, it is not some masterpiece cinema but we can’t even call it a time pass because the story is the real hero of this film. Suspense, thrill and deception will be all there. From my side, the film will get 3 out of 5 stars. Firstly, the unpredictable climax, no one would have thought that far- From far the second film is looking quite natural. Bollywood’s bad habit of exaggerating things is not that. Third, Raveena Tandon mam’s comeback is solid. The story of the film Boss Poker Face is completely hidden. It will be difficult to take your eyes off from it.

Raveena Tandon Main Roll In Patna Shukla Movie :-

There are only two complaints among the negatives. The biggest one is that the main subject of the film is education. A very dangerous story could have been made on it. If Patna Shukla had shown Madam Shukla in a little more detail, emotions would have got attached to the story as well. See, not at all from the heart, if you don’t feel like going to the theatre, then take out two hours and go and sit in the court, the decision will be exactly the opposite of what you are thinking and will be fun. I promise, if you liked something in the rest of the blog or have something to complain about, I will You can tell us by commenting, but friends, if you have not yet joined our WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel then go and join quickly. Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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