IFRAME SYNC The silenced Got Break Pooja Singh and karan sharman are going to Marry soon the Match Made in Heaven: Pooja Singh and Karan Sharma Tie the Knot!” - Dot Moviess

The silenced Got Break Pooja Singh and karan sharman are going to Marry soon the Match Made in Heaven: Pooja Singh and Karan Sharma Tie the Knot!”

pooja singh is going to reveal her relationship between karan sharma and pooja and the wedding plane and more.

Pooja and Karan Sharma :-

Karan and pooja union was made in Heaven and now the charming couple are going to marry soon. The wedding date, Rituals and all the Most emotional moment of any Girl Life the day she leaves her house .In this blog we are going to deliver the emotional, charming and Heartful journey of pooja singh and karan sharma through our words and these words will melt your heart like a ICE in the Sun.

Pooja sharma and Karan sharma Lovable journey

Karan and Pooja’s union is an arranged marriage. They met through common friends, and their relationship blossomed unexpectedly. Despite working in the same production house, they had never crossed paths until December 2023 when they connected instantly1.

Karan and pooja sharma union is an arranged marriage and they are the prime example of Love at First sight.

They both met through a common friend and then the friend became the source of hevan’s wish and their relationship got blossomed and they both fall in Love with each other.The relationship of pooja and karan tells us another story also unless and until it is not confirmed don’t cross the paths and as they both had done   they both were in the same production house and their working together but before December 2023 they both have given as all lesson also don’t cross the path until it’s permanent.

Career background of two loving couple Karan Sharma and Pooja

Karan and Pooja are both the talented actress they both have impressed the audience and won many heart by their roles.

They both have played the acting like they were performing their role in real Life. “Karan Sharma a profound actor known for his role in shows like Sasural Simar Ka who can forget that, he is also known for Mohi Kala Tika and Ek Nai pahchani”

Puja Singh a profound and glamorous actor who has impressed the audience with her emotion  she had plays the famous show and the show we all watch in our daily life like Diya Aur Baati Hum Aye Mere Humsafar these roles but not only the roles but emotion in every home every mother in the house have enjoyed there acting while having the food and no one ever going to forget those Memorial days.

Upcoming wedding plans of prestigious couples

Karan Sharma and Pooja will exchange wows on March 30 2024.

They wedding style showing their respect towards the Indian culture they both have decided to wow in a Northern Indian style affair commencing in the evening the celebration will include Dance music festival and Pre wedding rituals on 29 March they will have their healthy and Mehndi ritual which will be an intimate gathering.


Pooja and Karan Sharma both are the lovable couple and they both have decided to wow in Indian style on 30th March 2024 beside that they both are previously married but they had shown that love is like a seed only it Need the water of Truthfulness .

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