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Pushpa 2 The Rule Teaser Review || Allu Arjun Broke Everyone’s Records With His Best Acting And The Audience Became Proud Of It

Pushpa 2 The Rule Teaser gave the best gift for Allu Arjun’s birthday, fans are happy so what is the whole matter let’s know

Pushpa 2 The Rule Teaser Review :-

The most awaited teaser of the most awaited sequel Pushpa to On Fire has arrived. Brother, let’s talk quickly. Look brother, no matter how bad my relationship is with the first part of Pushpa, those who know, they know, but still I am in love with this movie. I am definitely hyped for ‘Pushpa 2’ because this film has given a new identity to the mass masala industry along with a lot of swag along with a lot of entertainment and explosive music. And the level at which the film ‘Pushpa’ was run, the makers are now making a lot of noise for ‘Pushpa 2’. Preparations are also being made for this, so many posters etc. have been released that the hype automatically increases.

Pushpa 2 The Rule Cast Allu Arjun :-

And today, on 8th April, on Allu Arjun’s birthday, finally the teaser of Pushpa 2 has also arrived. Oh by the way, happy birthday to the stylish star Allu Arjun. Now talking about the content shown in the teaser, this teaser with character introduction is just 1 minute 8 seconds long. Where Pushpa is seen wearing a saree and showing her stylish swag while doing action by hanging lemon garland etc. Now why she is wearing a saree is a deep mystery but man I will not joke, Allu Arjun looks equally stylish even after wearing a saree. As much as he is already looking, I mean swag, look at the way brother’s saree pallu is lifted in slow motion and caught in his hand with a jerk from his leg, brother Allu Arjun can’t do all this and music brother Goose Bombs DSP. Last time too, they had done wonders in Pushpa and this time also in just the teaser, they have shown that they are going to go two steps ahead from Part One.

Pushpa 2 The Rule Story :-

Now the question arises that why is she wearing a saree in such an avatar, with bangles in her hands, earrings in her ears etc. At the moment I feel that as is being shown in the teaser, there is some event of Maa Kali going on. Where in order to please Maa Kali, she might have worn this costume etc. and at the same time her enemies etc. might be attacking her, then we are also getting to see her action etc. in saree and on top of that, those whom she is killing. She is also in saree or salwar but man, whatever it is visually looks very good, it is showing the cultural depiction, Mahakali’s event and Pushpa’s swag is all cool and what I notice is that where Pushpa is twirling the trident in her hand. Surely there will be a cut scene of some song from this film etc. But honestly, what would be a better birthday gift than this for Allu Arjun’s fans.

Pushpa 2 The Rule Movie Budgets :-

But still this teaser has been brought only for the promotion of And Pushpa for the fans of Allu Arjun because only the new avatar of Pushpa is being represented in it, the rest of the story is not revealed at all but like the name of its second part. And Pushpa The Rule Brohher, this 2024 movie will definitely rule the box office and yes, the budget of Pushpa 2 is currently said to be Rs 500 crores, which is definitely huge.

Pushpa 2 The Rule Vs RRR Movie :-

After And RRR, I think this film will come second in terms of budget. Pushpa has already created her fan following, so I think the second part will easily clear its budget but the story should be good. If acting becomes good then you can figure out the budget for your next three parts also.

Pushpa 2 The Rule Movie Release Date :-

The release date of the movie is 15 August, it has not moved from its date, you must have seen the teaser, so tell me in the comment and if you all have not joined our WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel yet, then join quickly, thank you Jai Hind Jai Jai Bharat.

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