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Will Warner Brothers, who made Harry Potter and Dune Part One, invest money on Nitesh Tiwari’s Best Project On Ramayana Movie

Ramayana Movie friends, Nitesh Tiwari is going to work in the project, it is being told that this film will be released by 2025, so let us know what is the whole matter.

Ramayana Movie Update :-

Nitesh Tiwari’s Ramayana is going to be one of the biggest films in the history of Indian cinema and the makers are leaving no stone unturned to make it perfect. Recently, news came that Ranbir Kapoor starrer this film will be produced by KGF’s Yash Namit. Malhotra and Tesh Tiwari are going to produce together.

Ramayana Movie News :-

Now the news is that Hollywood’s Werner Brothers is being approached to make this film on an even bigger scale. Werner Brothers has produced much talked about films like Harry Potter, Dune Part One, Joker, The Batman Inception, Tenet and Hangover. Pinkvilla According to a report, the makers of Ramayana want Werner Brothers to invest money in their film too so that they do not have to face any kind of financial problem in making the film. A source related to the project has told Pinkvilla that for all the three parts of Ramayana. Namit Malhotra wants to partner with Werner Brothers. This deal will not only be for financial help but the makers want Werner Brothers to do strong marketing and distribution of the film in the international market. This film will be 100% made in India which will have Indian mythology. The makers want its impact to be read globally, however, whether the makers have received any specific response from Werner Brothers or not, whether they will invest money on Ramayana or not, there is no official statement at present on all these things, if Werner Brothers is really If we agree to this deal, Ramayana will create a new history in Indian cinema.

Ramayana Movie review

Ravana Cast In Ramayana Movie :-

Talking about the music and background score of the film, it is going to be composed by Oscar winner music composer Hans Zimmer and AR Rahman. The shooting of the film started a few days ago. Photos of Arun Gowal and Lara Dutta were also leaked from the set, they are seen in Ramayana. Recently there was news that Yash has left the film. He was playing the role of Ravana. It was told that Yash is going to produce the film instead of acting in it, but this is not going to happen. Yash is going to produce the film. Along with this, he will also be seen in the role of Ravana.

Ramayana Movie Release Date :-

Ramayana will be made in three parts. The shooting of the first part has started. The plan is to complete its shooting by July, after that a year’s time will be given to VFX. If everything goes as per plan, then the first part of Ramayana will be released on Diwali 2025. Part will be released Friends, it is being told that this film will be similar to an old film but something new will also be added to it so that it can be shown with new technology and made popular. He was seen on the seat and some photos were also written on the internet which have now gone viral.

Ramayana Movie update

Ramayana Movie News :-

So friends, do you think that this Ramayana film which is being made based on a true incident, will it be able to surpass the old Ramayana or not? What is your opinion? Please do tell us your opinion in the comments and for similar updates follow us. Join our WhatsApp channel and Telegram channel. Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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