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Ruslaan Official Trailer Review The Audience Is Blown Away By Aayush Sharma’s Best Acting And His Transformation

Ruslaan Official Trailer Review How Ayush Sharma has completely changed himself this year, so what is the whole matter?

Ruslaan Official Trailer Review :-

Hello my dear family, the trailer of Bhai Ruslaan has arrived starring Ayush Sharma. This trailer video is of 2 minutes and 54 seconds and the trailer has been edited very well. It is very difficult to predict the story by looking at the trailer.

Ruslaan Movie Story :-

In the beginning of the trailer, both Ruslaan’s childhood days and present are shown where the school children were harassing him and bullying him and in the present some goons are beating him, that is, an attempt is being made to tell about Ruslaan’s character here. It has been told how his journey was and how he became so rough and tough. Now in the second younger version, he has been shown as a music teacher and here also shorts from his childhood have been shown where he was playing the guitar i.e. since childhood. Music has been his passion, even in the trailer it seemed that brother is fine, but after that immediately a big twist has been put inside the trailer where Ruslaan is washing the goons like a highly trained soldier or an agent. There is also a dialogue inside the trailer – Dad is tired of hiding his identity, that is, there are full chances that Ruslaan is on some mission or this character Ruslaan has two faces in front of the world, two incarnations, one of a normal music teacher and the other. Secondly, this is why an undercover officer has to say that the trailer has been very smartly edited and yet has left a lot of questions in front of us.

Ayush Sharma New Movie Looks :-

Now talking about Ayush Sharma, brother, you are looking amazing, what a transformation the guy has done, man, that Ayush Sharma of Luv Yatri and this Ayush Sharma of Ruslaan, there is a world of difference which is commendable, the action inside the trailer is intense, man. Very intense and stylish action can be said, especially there is a complete one shot sequence at the end of the trailer, which I enjoyed watching, along with the action choreography, Ayush Sharma’s execution is also good and sharp.

Jagapathi Babu With Ayush Sharma New Movie :-

Look, one thing is very clear from the trailer that the movie is going to be an action pact in which we can get to see unique action choreography. Jagapati Babu is in the role of Ruslan’s father who is a police officer and believe it or not there is definitely a big connection. This second one of Ruslaan is of the dreaded avatar and of Jagapathi Babu’s police career. Inside the trailer, there is a dialogue about removing the stain. There is a dialogue that if I want to remove this stain, then I will have to wear a uniform so that both you and I can live with our heads held high. May Be May Not: The son will clear any wrong allegations against his father’s career.

Sunil Shetty With His New Movie Look :-

The BGM in the trailer is also impressive, the cinematography and visuals are also good, so we can hope that the film will be solid, in which we will get to see some unique story, we will also get to see Sunil Shetty in the trailer, I felt that he too is a police officer or Soldiers will be soldiers. Overall, the trailer is good, it is increasing the excitement for the movie and according to me, the character of this film, our Ruslan, from his childhood till now, from the beginning of the pregnancy, it seems from the voice over in the beginning of the film that There will also be a little inspirational factor about how a person finds himself, how he becomes strong by fighting the circumstances. Now you comment and tell me how you liked this trailer and what are your expectations from Ruslaan movie. I will meet you in the next blog. Till then. Hail India.

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