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Salman Khan going to Gift a new movie in the Time of Eid confirmed AR Murugadoss as a director In 2024

Salman Khan one of the greatest and a movie enthusiasm person who delivered many movies like Tiger 3,race ,kick and now he is going to deliver another Blockbuster Movie on 2025 at a Time of Eid which signify .

          “Eid bhijan ki thi aur Rahenge”

Salman khan New Movie release Date :-

Salman khan is going to deliver another Master piece in the time of Eid in 2025 with a budget in which 2 pathan movies can be made . The estimates date is going to be around in Month of March in 2025 , and you will se the comeback of Bollywood king with a New hit Movie.

Director of New Salman khan movie  going to release on :-

The New Director of salman khan new movie is going to be AR Murugadoss who had Given one of the most Mind blowing Film Gajni which has shocked the Bollywood with his performance.so be ready to see the new look of Salman khan in New Movie.

New Role of salman khan :-

The new Role and the Title of Movie is not officially announced yet but some of the voice is being herd that salman khan will be seen in a New Role where Director will. Have all The voice of regulating the Film.

Whenever we Remind the Movie “Bhart”

By Salman khan people can  Reminds of the flop performence in Box office but the things we have seen in Bhart Movie was Salman khan old look which enthusiast the Fans.

Villain in New Salman Khan movie :-

The villain will be from the South as confirm by the director at officially but there is no confirmation who is going to be the villain.as per some News the villan will be from the south and by this information currently people are naming Yash  who has given the famous movie KGF so he can be the villain in New Salman Khan movie.

Role of Salman Khan in his new movie :-

In the new movie of Salman Khan ,Salman Khan will be seen as a new role you will see Salman Khan in his new rool according to the insiders Salman Khan will be seen in the three New roles which will be describing his young, elder and old age. Which is going to add spice in his new Movie.

Budget of Bhijan New Movie :-

As we all know  the relation of Salman Khan and the Eid whenever Salman Khan give a new film at a time period of Eid the film automatically give a new statement about Salman Khan legacy as expected we can see another new hit movie from the side of Salman Khan and  as director has given 400 crore approximation budget for Salman Khan new movie which is going to be released in the time of Eid in 2025.

Conclusion :-

All the fans should be ready to see Salman khan in a New look as you all are going to see Salman khan in a New look with another blockbuster movie which will create a BOOM in box office.

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