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Silence 2 Review: Manoj Bajpayee’s New Film Released On Zee5, And Audience Couldn’t Stop Themselves From Watching It

Silence 2 Review Manoj Bajpayee’s new film came on Zee5, made everyone happy with his performance, what is the whole matter

Silence 2 Review :-

Silence Two is a crime mystery thriller film which was released on Zee5 and now finally I have watched this film and now I will share with you all my good or bad experience of watching this film through this quick review. So without wasting any more time let’s talk about how was my experience watching this film.

Silence 2 Movie On OTT Story :-

So first of all let me tell you a little about the story of this film. In this film you will see the story of ACP Verma who is investigating the murder cases of 8 to 10 people at one time. After all, these people To know who killed and why and whether ACP Verma will be able to catch the killer or not, you will have to watch this film. Now let’s talk about how my experience was after watching this film. So first of all let me tell you this. Let me tell you that if you guys have not seen part one of this film, then no problem, you can watch part two directly because in this film you will see ACP Verma investigating a new case.

Silence 2 Movie Experience :-

Now the question is, how was my experience after watching this film? To be honest, this film is a long and dull experience, the case in which you will be seen investigating ACP Verma, his investigation process is very flat, there is no tension, intensity, thrill and The element of suspense is not present, the story just moves forward in a flat way, this film does not make us as an audience invest even a little emotionally in the story and characters and I was just laughing after seeing the ending of the film. I mean, anything, anything is going on, I did not like the ending of the film at all.

 Silence 2 Review

Monoj Bajpayee In Silence 2 Movie Cast :-

The rest of the character work is the background of the film, there is no depth of any kind in the characters, the rest is the performances of the actors, the music and production work of the film, everything is just fine in short, in my view this film is completely fine. Friends, in this film we see the role of Manoj Bajpayee ji, who is seen playing a good role in himself and he has played his role very well and we only know how good an actor Manoj Bajpayee ji is. This is how he has played his role in this movie with good acting.

Silence 2 monoj bajpayee

Silence 2 Movie Rating :-

Rest if we talk about this movie then this movie is okay but not as good as you think because it has normal suspense and hence I will rate this movie 7 out of 10 and personally I would not suggest this to you people. You should spend your time on this film, but still if you have a desire to watch this film and if you are a fan of Manoj Bajpayee and want to watch this film for him, then you can pass the time by keeping your expectations very low. If you want to watch this film then just watch it. Yes, this film is not at all for watching with family because in the second half of this film you will get to see sexual violence. If you have seen this film then please tell us by commenting. How did you like this film? Thanks Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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