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SRIKANTH Movie Trailer Review What Was The Reaction Of The Indian Audience After Watching Rajkumar Rao’s Best Acting

SRIKANTH Movie Trailer Review is one of the best upcoming movies of this year and what is the super acting of Rajkumar Rao, let’s know the whole matter.

SRIKANTH Movie Trailer Review :-

A trailer has come with the name Srikanth starring Rajkumar Rao as a real life character of a visually impaired person named Srikanth Bolla. Before saying anything about this trailer, I read about Srikanth Bolla and I was like stunned for having such a big defect in myself. Despite this, what Srikanth has done should definitely be seen by the youngsters of today who make useless reels. Sorry if I hurt anyone. It is a living example of what you can’t do with hard work and dedication and what you can achieve. Srikanth said and I am so very happy that today a film is being made with Rajkumar Rao on such a topic.

SRIKANTH Movie Is Based On Srikanth Bolla :-

By the way, I saw a video on Instagram a few days ago where Rajkumar Rao is in his Srikanth role and with the original real life Srikanth beside him, he is talking as if he himself is Srikanth and that too in real life. First of all, hats off to Rajkumar Rao for choosing such a challenging role and after that I read again about Srikanth Bola, I will not tell much otherwise the story will come out but all I can tell is that despite being visually impaired he has scored 98% brought in 12th and also got admission in MIT and after setting up Srikanth has own industry, hired employees like myself there, did a turnover of Rs 150 crores, got name in 30 under 30 in Forbes, so imagine what courage, dedication and hard work must have taken.

SRIKANTH Movie Cast :-

And to play this role, Rajkumar Rao said, ‘I really want to feel this movie in theatres’, but now he has a chance to present a great movie to the audience.

Rajkumar Rao Main Role In Srikanth Movie :-

If we talk about the rest of the trailer, then it became emotional in the end. The special thing about this trailer is that nowhere does it make you feel that it is going to tell the story of a person who is disabled. No, it is not about disability. It’s about different abilities which normal people are not able to do after everything. He is showing it by a person who is differently abled. And also watch the presentation. This entire trailer is a long trailer of 3 minutes 17 seconds. Brother and I didn’t feel. It was so long that I thought, oh the trailer has just started, this is how a trailer should be cut and what is written in its tag line is “Everyone’s eyes are bleeding Brother”, I am telling you the truth, my eyes have opened and this is not finished it was a trailer and this trailer definitely promises Rajkumar Rao’s acting but I hope it gets hyped through word of mouth because man, what a level of acting Rajkumar Rao has gone to, he has a different style for this movie. But he is seen showcasing and I am definitely sure that no one can deny his acting.

Srikanth Movie Trailer Experience :-

The rest of the cast is also very good, Jyothika is Sharath Kade Karr, but since the story is of Srikanth, 99% of this film will have to be carried by Rajkumar on his shoulders and I am Sure, he will nail it.

Srikanth Movie Release Date :-

The movie is coming in theaters on 10th May 2024. I am hyped for this movie and I would definitely like to watch this movie for motivation and acting performance. Rest tell me, have you seen the trailer or not? Please give your opinion by commenting on the trailer. Thank you Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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