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All India Rank Netflix Movie Review A Best Story Movie Which Is Based On Students Real Life, Got A Lot Of Love From The Public

All India Rank Netflix Movie Review it’s a new movie which arrived on OTT Platform it’s a student life journey so, let’s know the whole matter.

All India Rank Netflix Movie Review :-

Famous writer Varun Grover, friends he has made his debut as a director with the movie All India Rank, which was released in the cinema halls and now friends, it has come out, so today we will review this movie, but before that, friends, you can read this. Watch the post till the end so let us know about what is there in this movie and what has been told about the students.

All India Rank Netflix Movie Story :-

Well friends, inside All India Rank Movie, you get to see the story of a boy named Vivek, who is 17 years old and belongs to Lucknow. His father is completely obsessed with the fact that his son should do IIT, that is why friends, IIT. They reach Kota for preparation, now what happens after coming to Kota, this is the story of this movie whose length is 1 hour 38 minutes and friends, this movie is based on student life if you like such movies which show the journey of students. So this is the best movie for them

All India Rank Netflix Movie OTT :-

Friends, if I want to give you a one line review of All India Rank, I would just say that I mean brother Varun Grover, when as a writer and as a director, we are associated with a movie, then we expect to see a lot of good things. You will get it but brother, that thing was not there here, see friends, Kota Factory has already brought a show on this, Kota Factory, so Kota Factory has set the bar very high and this movie does not touch that bar at any level. Paati I mean there are many points at any level about which we will talk, friends, first of all, what will be the thinking of a 17 year old child, what will be the type of emotions, which is the complexity of human nature, in a good way. It has been explained here with which we can relate to some extent, meaning that the child is not interested in studies, he is thinking about something else, the parents are thinking about something else and he is not even able to express those things. He is able to do this, many emotions are coming inside his mind, so we are able to relate to him and this is what was good about the movie, apart from this, the movie is set in the late 90’s and to be honest, That era has been presented here in a very amazing way, meaning that the authenticity of the things of that time should definitely be there, here you get to see that type of games, instead of that type, the things of that time, everything is here in a good way. But it was fitting which was nice to see.

All India Rank Netflix Movie Cast :-

The actors has done a very good job, whether it is the character of Vivek or his friends or the character of Sarika, everyone has presented their work well. You get to see Sheeba Chaddha as a teacher, her work is also good, friends, actor. Has played his role very well and he has presented his character very well, he played a very important role in this movie and in a very real way and friends, this movie is based on a student’s life, how a student changes his life. How he tries to move ahead and how his family treats him. If you like such movies then you must watch this.

 All India Rank Netflix Movie Review

All India Rank Netflix Movie Experience :-

But friends, the main problem of the movie is its emotional layer. Look, if you are eating a sandwich, there should be something in every layer of bread, only then you enjoy it. Here the story was quite right but the emotions were missing somewhere. Because of this, you will not feel that one connection, that one attachment, and what can I say in the climax, the climax is so poor, so poor that things are limited, I mean, he has got the motive of his life, but the problem is, what about the exam? What happened to his remaining friends? Nothing was told. Just finished the picture. Now this is not a web series or its part two will also come. The audience will wait and then we will continue the story. This is a movie so the movie will be called. It should be presented like a movie and that thing was not there here. Apart from this, friends, the dialogues are of very simplicity, so they attach you but do not evoke the emotions and the problem, friends, is with the emotions, through out the picture the emotions are not evoked. You get to see the point of view of the parents and somehow you cannot say that they are wrong that yes, every parent wants the best for their children and they want them to face the problems that we faced. Due to this reason, we want that the child should study well so that his life gets settled in the future, but still, many things were completely unclear in the picture.

 All India Rank Netflix Movie cast

All India Rank Netflix Movie IMDb Rating :-

All in all it is an average movie, the story is good but the picture loses in execution, that is why friends, The rating of All India Rank Movie is 6 out of 10 IMDb rating. Talking about the Parents guidelines, there is no nudity or luster scene in the movie, but yes, a lip or two. There is a lock which is absolutely minimal and not much, so friends, this is my review on Varun Grover’s movie All India Rank. I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, then please share this post, and turn on the notification bell of the website so that I get motivation so, that I can bring such blogs for you in future too. And friends have you seen this movie If you have seen it, how did you like it? Please share your experience in the comments. So friends, that’s all in this post for now. See you with another blog till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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