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Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Review: This Film Won The Hearts Of The Public With Its Best Acting And Story

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Review it’s a new picture which came on OTT Hotstar platform with unique story and acting so, let’s know the whole matter.

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Review :-

Today friends, many content have come on Friday, one of these content is Tamil movie Siren which has come dubbed in Hindi language on Disney Plus Hotstar, I saw this picture and what is my opinion on it, friends, in today’s blog. Before we talk inside, we request you to please stay inside the post, if you like the post then share it and yes, do not forget to turn on the bell notification of the website because we keep bringing such amazing content for you.

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Story :-

Well friends, inside Siren, you get to see the story of a prisoner who is inside the jail in a murder case and brother, after 14 years, he comes on parole to his home where his daughter is but she is with her. He does not want to meet his daughter because the daughter is very angry with him at some point. Now friends, to know what things you get to see, you will have to watch this picture, the length of which is 2 hours 34 minutes, the movie has came on HotStar and also dubbed in hindi version of this movie, overall it’s a fantastic picture if you like thriller and suspense movie then you will really like this film.

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Experience :-

Now friends, if I want to review the movie Siren for you in one line, I would just say that it is a good picture, I mean brother, before watching this movie, I was not expecting much from this movie but through out the picture, I I was completely engaged in the picture, I did not get bored anywhere. The movie gave me a good thrilling experience. In the Mean Time, there are small twists and turns and also the journey of emotions, I personally liked it very much. See friends first. From the beginning, the atmosphere of thriller that you get to see here is good, there are many such thrilling moments which are going to engage you completely, watching them you will definitely enjoy a lot, this is my guarantee. Apart from this, if I talk about its twist and turns, then they are decent, some are such that you will guess them completely, some are such that they will give you a little interest, which is a complete flashback, that scene came somewhere and took some time. However, we have already guessed what would have happened in the flashback because the way the characters are moving, you know that this must have happened and you also get to see the same things from the angle of the father and the battery in the picture. It brings emotional weight inside which was working well. We feel an emotional angle somewhere with the character. The type of things that you will get to see in the climax will also make you emotional in the mean time in your eyes. Even if I shead tears, that thing was working well here.

Siren Movie OTT Review on Hotstar

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar Cast :-

Talking about the acting of the actors, you get to see Jayam Ravi here. He has done his work in a very amazing way. He was looking good in his character. Apart from this, friends, here you get to see Keerthy Suresh as a police. Inspector, his work is also good, it is quite good, Yogi Babu has brought comedy relief in the picture, his work is good, the one who has played his daughter has also done a very good job, all in all, you get to see a very good work of everyone, let’s talk, As far as music is concerned, I personally liked the BGM in the emotional scene. The scene thrilling is good, there was decent BGM and you get to listen to the songs decently. Even in the Hindi dub, the songs were quite decent. All in all, Movie Siren is a good experience for you. You will definitely not get bored in the picture, this two and a half hour long picture succeeds to a great extent in keeping you engaged.

Siren Movie OTT Review

Siren Movie OTT Hotstar IMDb Rating :-

Friends, if I talk about the rating of this movie, then this movie has been given a rating of 7.0 out of 10 on IMDb and if we talk about Guardians Portal guidelines, then there is no vulgar, no new scene, no adult scene, nothing in the movie, you will not see anything like this. Hindi dubbing is not available, friends, it has been done well. The voice overs of the characters were quite good, however, the character of the daughter was making a little weird sound in the beginning, but later you will get used to it, the dialogues are good. Some changes have also been made at some places, apart from this, you will not see any special problem or major problem in dubbing, so friends, this is my review on the thrilling movie Siren on Disney Plus Hotstar. I hope you like this post. If you liked this post, then please share it and turn on the bell notification of the website so that I can get motivation so that I can keep writing such blogs for you in future also. Friends, have you seen this movie, then please share your experience how did you like it by comments. Friends, that’s all in this post for now, see you again with some other blog, till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.