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Premalu Movie On Hotstar Review It’s A Best Romantic Love Story Movie In This Year On OTT Platform

Premalu Movie On Hotstar Review it’s a new movie which is available on OTT Platform with best experience so, let’s know what is inside this movie.

Premalu Movie On Hotstar Review :-

Hello friends, I have just completed watching a new Malayalam movie named Premalu in Hindi on Disney Plus Hotstar. After finishing the two and a half hour long movie, I can say that yes brother, I enjoyed watching the movie Come honestly, the characters in this film, the writing, the screen play, the world, the direction, the treatment are very good, the drama is also very good and the chemistry going on between the two, the boy and the girl. In the middle, that too is quite good but the story is typical, common, not very new and after that there are one or two more issues in this movie and the biggest issue I felt here is that the length of the movie is two and a half hours. I felt like this. I felt that the movie was dragging at some places, like in the first half, which is the first hour of this movie, which means 35 minutes are spent for the boy and the girl to come face to face, which was quite a lot, there was a slight delay in time. There was scope where things could have been shown in smaller shorts but friends, the story of this movie is fine.

Premalu Movie On Hotstar Story :-

So the story of the Premalu Move is like this, there is a boy named Sachin who lives in a small town, he wants to go to UK for his higher studies, before that something happened, he proposed to a girl, he got rejected, a little desperate. For some reason, he wants to go to the United Kingdom, wants to move away from here, but his Visa application gets rejected, he goes to Hyderabad with a friend, finally meets a girl there and love at first side. It happens to him, whatever happens after that, if you watch it, then some things are like this, there is another boy in the same line, whatever is behind that girl, if you watch it, then finally where does the movie go? If you get to see it here, I have not seen many issues regarding the writing, the pacing is a bit cold, it is slow at some places and there are issues regarding the length too, so the story of this movie is good.

Premalu movie

Premalu Movie On Hotstar Experience :-

But friends, after that, the acting here is great Naslen, the name of the actor who played Sachin is brother Wow, he is amazing and after that, the name of Mamitha Baiju is Renu Roy, the girl who is in the lead role. So it is fun to watch, that means you yourself, as an audience, you yourself will be in love with that girl, that actress, it is possible that it will happen because she looks amazing, she is very beautiful, she is cute and after that, the acting is very good, it is natural, but her After all, the point is that the movie is a bit fruit and lady, which is a movie length of two and a half hours. I think that if it had been 2 hours or 1 hour 50 minutes, then perhaps this movie would have been better and perhaps even exciting. It could have happened but now because of the pacing and the length, things feel a bit scattered, the movie feels a bit dragging but after that the comedy is there, there are a few shorts in this film which you will like very much.

The Cast Of Premalu Movie On Hotstar OTT Platform :-

The characters, the chemistry between them, the writing, the direction, it was very good and the feel in the movie, the emotion, and the situation with the girl that you will see, and the take of the girl on it was quite good. And after that, the biggest thing here is that in a romantic film, if there is a feel then it becomes fun and here there is a feel and direction, that is why I said that it is quite good, rest of the acting etc. everything is almost good and this It is true that the movie is not a very great love story, it is not very unique, the story is not something that we have never seen or heard, it is a typical story, I have seen it many times, but I can say that Sanam Teri Kasam or Sita Ramam. Is it or was it Mughal-e-Azam of the olden times? Then this movie cannot reach there. Still, it is good enough for one time watch. I liked it a lot. I enjoyed it and the characters and the romantic love story between them is quite good.

 Premalu Movie On Hotstar

Premalu Movie On Hotstar Rating :-

Friends, if I talk about the rating of this Premalu movie, then this movie has been given a rating of 8 out of 10 on IMDB. So friends, and you can watch this movie with your family there is no any bad scens in this movie and if you have seen this movie, then please tell us by commenting. Thank you Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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