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Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Review Rajpal Yadav Sir Won The Hearts Of The Public With This Best Film

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Review The best real story of this film surprised everyone, so what is the whole matter, let’s know it

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Review :-

After washing Ehan ji’s laptop, Gopi Bahu has come in the pictures. She has reviewed a picture, friends, in today’s post, we are going to do it. Yes friends, we are talking about the movie that came on Zee5. Is this movie in progress? How is it, if you also want to know then stay inside the blog, if you like the post then share it and yes do not forget to turn on the notification bell of the website because we keep bringing such amazing content for you.

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Review In English :-

The work is going on, friends, it is inspired by a real incident, here you get to see the story of a middle class man named Sanjay Patil who has a daughter and a wife and he wants to make his daughter a cricketer but then something happens in his life. This happens which changes his life completely. Now friends, to know what that thing is, how it happens, what effect it has on his life, then you will have to watch this picture which has come on Zee5, the length of which is 1 hour 22 minutes

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Story :-

Now friends, if I want to review Zee5 movie Kaam Chalu Hai for you in one line, then I will say this much, watch the emotional journey, which is a real story, which is a real person, I did not know about them at all before this, but when I came to know, I felt like it. That this guy is doing very good work, I mean, we don’t see everyone doing such work and the kind of emotional touch given to this picture, friends, it is somewhere the highlight of the picture. When the movie started, it took half an hour. It seemed that man, what am I watching? The story is not moving forward. Yes, the bonding between the father and his daughter inside that potion has been depicted in an amazing way. Even brother, after seeing it, I felt that Sanjay Patil ji has married his daughter. I mean, the kind of advice he gives them, the kind of support he gives them, it was nice to see and he developed the father-daughter relationship somewhere very well. If it was done then that thing was good, after that as the story moves forward, the twist that comes, I felt brother, what has happened and the emotions in those potions were absolutely high on point, I mean when the first emotional point of the movie came. I am writing to you that if it was any other picture, you would have seen a lot of melodrama in it, but here there was an emotional scene, means was no emotional melodrama in that scene or there was not much high emotion, that scene was completely silent. It happens many times that to make the emotional scene more impressive, they add background music so that the audience cries. If this thing was not done here, then I liked it very much through out the movie which emotional scenes you get to see. No, they were literally quite amazing, I mean, there are many such scenes on which your eyes will definitely become moist and you will say brother, what is going on and friends, the first reason for these good scenes is that the writing is very good.

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Review

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Cast :-

Apart from this, you often see Rajpal Yadav only for comedy relief but he is a complete actor. Rajpal Yadav has done many such roles which will settle in your hearts and this role is one of those roles. Through out the picture, he has done a very amazing job. Personally, I was completely impressed after seeing him. Apart from this, inside the movie, you also get to see the old Gopi Bahu i.e. Giaa Manek and his Marathi accent is quite good. And Desh Apna Mero drama seemed over the top or heavy at all, otherwise I enjoyed watching this thing, friends, the actress has done a good job, the music is decent, the production value is very average because the picture has come out within a very low budget.

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie Experience :-

Friends, one problem of the movie is that this movie was narrating a quite incredible story but the last half hour ran at such a speed that there is no limit. I mean, you have built up a good topic but the presentation is not the same. As it should have happened, watch the last half hour and it will seem that the picture is being finished in a hurry. There should be depth in the things, somewhere I did not get to see that depth at all. The scene of fight with the system should be that scene so fast. He was chased away in a forward manner or in the last scene, whatever step Sanjay Patil ji thinks, everything was told within just two-three minutes, I mean, his journey must not have been so easy, it must have been an incredible journey. So they could not justify that incredible journey, after watching this thing, I felt very bad somewhere, I mean, good man, good work, but the way it has been presented has delivered, all in all, it is a decent Zee5 OTT movie, you can watch this movie on Zee5 OTT and you will enjoy.

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie rajpal Yadav

Kaam Chalu Hai Zee5 Movie IMDb Rating :-

Friends, if the work is on, if we talk about the rating of the movie, then this picture is rated 6 out of 10 on IMDB and if we talk about the movie guidelines, then there is no nude scene in the movie, it is not unusual, but yes, you get to hear one or two abuses. Friends, this is my review of the movie on Zee5. Work is going on, but I hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, then please share the blog along with the website and hit the bell icon so that I can know about it. Get motivation so that I can keep writing such blogs for you in future too. Friends, have you seen this movie? If you have seen it, how did you like it? Please share it in the comments. So friends, that’s all for now, we will meet again with another post. Till then Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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  1. This is quite a film with knowing that it is an actual “real life” story. It was a little confusing towards the but the actors saved the day. The casting was done to perfection even though you cannot forget Giaa Manek as Gopi Bahu and her *Ahem ji* she did a terrific acting. (LOL). Anyways, amazing movie!!


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