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Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Review This New Season Has A Unique Story Along With Best Acting

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Review it’s a new version of this season and it’s has unique story so, let’s know what is the whole matter

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Review :-

So welcome back to another blog and in today’s blog brother is going to do his review. Finally the second part of the Rebel Moon has been released whose name is Rebel Moon Part 2 The Scargiver and this part also you people get to see PG 13 only. So when will the Release date come, we will discuss it at the end of the post. First of all, if we talk about this review, then whatever my experience has been, I will tell you without any spoiler.

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Story :-

Now see, if you guys have seen the first part of this movie, then you guys would know that brother, in the last part of the movie, we get to see Cora and her team evolve like in a tough fight. And there they think that they have ended the big trouble that was going to come to their planet, where they think that Atticus is dead and now no problem is going to come to them but we At the very end of the movie, it is revealed that Atticus has been saved through some of his advanced technology and in the second part that we are getting to see, you will now get to see him taking revenge and this time he is going to come with a big force in which you people will get to see that he had no idea that Korra is something so special and when he comes to know these things then it will be a kind of a shock situation there. Now, how will the people there train themselves so that they can fight with these people? What is the end result, you are going to see the same in the ending of this movie where you people will be given the opportunity to fight against these people. You will also get to see a dark past like that and those people also have some past of their own, like some glimpses of which you got to see in the first part, but their conclusion was presented to you by the makers in the second part has happened.

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Review

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix :-

If I talk about my own experience, then look brother, honestly speaking, some people did not enjoy watching the first part because the first part was PG 13, but I also liked the first part. Yes, I knew that. If there was a Like R rated version or Zack Snyder’s original version, we might have liked it a little more, but here you can understand the mindset of Netflix that they had to reach more people and they released the first part. Kept PG 13 and we get to see similar cases in the second part also and if I talk about my experience of the second part, then I liked the second part better than the first. Yes, it is like Zack Snyder which has cinematic graphics. There are touches that you guys get to see a lot inside the movie which includes the slow motion shorts as well as their dark palette which they use in color grading due to which you guys get to see a little bit of color like difference. I personally liked all that, VFX is also a main highlighted point of this movie because all the colors of weapons that you get to see are a little bit unique, a little bit you guys remember Star Verse. Will come because there also we got to see very colorful weapons they used

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Experience :-

So if I say my conclusion about this movie, then see, if you guys are fans of hardcore Jacques Nad sir like filming or his way of making movies, then you guys will be disappointed from its second part also because you guys will know about it. That there is a good version of it which you guys haven’t got to see yet which is also going to be R rated so in that sense if you guys watch it then definitely you guys will see shortcomings but if I talk from the perspective of a normal audience If I say so, in this movie you get to see everything that you expect from an action and science fiction movie and according to me, this movie settles very well in that criteria.

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix cast

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Cast :-

The performance of the actors is good, you will like all the characters they have got, they will be seen portraying them well and along with this, if we talk about dubbing, then the dubbing is also top notch. So in my opinion, if we relax the like story a little, then I think this movie presents a good amount of like content to you people, which you can enjoy comfortably. The length presented to you people is two hours. It is PG 13 so you can watch it with family also. Yes, here you guys get to see a little fight scenes, so I would not prefer it for children but yes, you guys can comfortably check out this movie with elders.

Rebel Moon Part 2 Netflix Rating :-

If I want to give my rating to this movie at the end of the post, then I will give it 7 out of 10 stars. I will wait for you to see its RTD version also and it is being told that it will be available to you all by August. If we get it, then when it comes, we will try to review it too. That’s all in this post. If you guys liked this post then you can turn on the bell notifications of the website and please sharing this post to your friends. See you guys in the next blog till then take care Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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